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Rolling Stock

At Rocks by Rail we have the most comprehensive collection of standard gauge quarry railway rolling stock in the UK. Scroll down to browse our exhibits or click on a link below to go to your area of interest:

BRAKE VANS – brake assistance for loose coupled wagons on mainline trains.
CALCINE WAGONS – used to move ironstone for calcining.
CHALK and CLAY TIPPLER WAGONS – for transporting raw materials from the quarry to the cement works.
DUMPCAR WAGONS – typically used to move ironstone, sand and overburden during quarrying.
HEAVY PLANT WAGONS – for transporting machinery.
HOPPER WAGONS – carry iron ore from the quarry face to the steel works.
ORE TIPPLER WAGONS – carry iron ore from the quarry face to the steel works.
PLATE LAYERS – for maintaining the rail tracks.
ROCKS BY RAIL MUSEUM SERVICE WAGONS – wagons for the maintenance and running of the Museum.
WOODEN WAGONS – early wagons used in ironstone quarries.

RESERVE COLLECTION – wagons not in service.


An image with a blue border indicates exhibit is no longer at the museum. We have no information regarding the current whereabouts or status but you could try UK & Ireland Heritage Railways site.