Ruston & Hornsby, Works Number 421436 built in 1958.
ELIZABETH – RMC RUGBY CEMENT, Barrington Quarries and Cement works, Cambridgeshire.

This 165hp diesel electric loco was built in Lincoln and was supplied on the 12th March 1958 to the scrapyard premises of T.J.Thompson in north east England, where it was named ELIZABETH.
Later in life it found its way to Barrington Cement Works in Cambridgeshire where it was a capable performer in the quarry railway bringing loaded tippler wagons down to the works for discharge. It worked with two similar Ruston and Hornsby locomotives but in 2004 it was declared surplus to operational requirements. The locomotive was subsequently donated to the Museum by the then quarry operator RMC Rugby Cement Ltd.
The loco is on public display awaiting a return to operational condition.