Volunteer opportunities

Locomotive driver, fireman, guard, shunter, crossing keeper, digger operator.

Steam engine crews need driver, fireman and cleaner. Our diggers also need a driver and maintenance.

Maintenance and restoration of exhibits:
Servicing, oiling, cleaning, painting, electrics, woodwork, metalwork.

Volunteers can also work maintaining our engines and wagons.

Site maintenance and repair:
Clear gutters, trim hedges, cut grass, gardening, paint fences, building repair.

Keeping the site spick and span especially in the open summer season needs many hands.

Help run our cafe on open days.

Vounteers keep our cafe running.

Meet, greet and inform:
Welcome visitors, help with information, issue tickets, update website, publicity.

Meeting, greeting and informing our visitors is very important.

Exhibits and archives:
Cataloguing, recording, researching, preparing displays.

The museum has many exhibits and artifacts that need upkeep, cataloguing and recording.

Raising money for the Museum.

Fundraising is vital to keep our site and exhibits well maintained and preserved for future generations.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us.