All Set For 2015 – Well, Very Nearly.

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STR 18th January 2015Here we are in January already – we hope all our blog followers are in good form.

Lots of things were going on at the museum yesterday, despite not being an advertised running day. Two locos were prepared for use, AB2088 SIR THOMAS ROYDEN, and Sentinel 10204 JEAN – the purpose being to formulate a new quarry operating routine, utilising the new quarry spur to carry out a wagon exchange. This also gave us the opportunity to get some of the newer volunteers onto the quarry floor to try their hand at signalling, coupling, pinning down wagons, and point throwing for shunting operations. And so it was, that JEAN shunted a set of Tipplers between the quarry face and the quarry spur, later joined by SIR TOMMY with a set of hoppers and a brake van. The necessary shunting moves were then carried out and timed. We are happy to report that all went very smoothly. We are sure you will agree that this will make operations even more interesting – just think of the combinations – hoppers going out and the Metro Cammell dump cars coming in, to then be exchanged for hoppers. Then imagin what this operation will become once the development plan is fully realised, with the North End exchange sidings and a passing loop in place!

This website is due for an update, and we are told this is likely to happen sometime this week. The updated version will have pages added showing a map of the site as it is, and with the proposed developments added. There will also be a page dedicated to DIG IT, our driver experience package. Watch this space.

We cant possibly finish without mention of the IREC building. There willbe a big push on getting the block work started later in the month, and we are given to understand that the doors are not too far away. The rate of progress on this project has been remarkable.

Dont forget that Sunday the 1st February is a chance to be a Driver For A Fiver in one of our diesel locos, and that our next running day is 15th February. With AB1931 out for scheduled maintenace, this will be mixed traction running. Just one more thing, if you use Facebook, you can keep up with us through our group page HERE. Until next time….