Runners & Riders for Diggers & Dumpers

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The organiser was extremely pleased to receive a phone call for a late entry of classic plant for the Diggers & Dumpers event on Sunday, when local owner of a TRACK MARSHALL blade dozer offered the operational machine for the event. Of even greater significance than having an operational bulldozer to level the ‘Digger Playpen’, was the information that the machine, which was preserved in 1970, was delivered new to Stewarts & Lloyds (Minerals) Limited and worked on restoration of ironstone quarries across the ironstone belt of the East Midlands.

The event is shaping up to see the most intensive use of our quarry and playpen areas to date, with action focussing on the Ruston 22-RB dragline loading the vintage Euclid B5 dumptruck, supplying material for the dozer to spread across the work area. The quarry area will see steam haulage from the quarry face as the Ruston face shovel swings into action.

Visiting machinery of a more modern era includes a SMALLEY excavator, built locally, this is an example which has worked in the Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire areas for the whole of its life.

A reminder that as part of the event to celebrate our first year of opening, we have organised a ‘Rutland Record’ attempt to gather as many diggers and dumpers into our quarry as is possible. Children (of all ages) are invited to take part in the challenge by bringing their own toy quarry diggers to pose in the quarry area, the official count taking place at 3pm.