Diggers and Dumpers Gala

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The Charity is almost a year old and to celebrate, we are holding a themed event on 15th September called DIGGERS & DUMPERS. The focus will be on our quarry where the home fleet of vintage quarry machinery will all be in action. The Ruston 22-RB face shovel will be in action in the quarry loading steam and diesel hauled quarry trains. In our playpen, the Ruston 22-RB dragline and our operational EUCLID dump truck will be operating. We are running the original Cottesmore Mines generator set, powered by a Ruston Hornsby stationary engine, but mounted on a standard gauge Wickham chassis for a vehicle with a difference. Visiting equipment includes a SMALLEY excavator, built locally in the Lincolnshire village of Osbournby. We hope to have run pasts from a steam lorry and Bedford flatbed while negotiations for a bulldozer continue!

We require assistance from kids in the area! We are trying to set a record for the most diggers & dumpers in our quarry at one time – hopefully the largest gathering of quarry equipment in RUTLAND ever! Children bringing their own toy will be invited to join the challenge – at 3pm, the participants and their diggers will be photographed and recorded in the quarry to set a record which we hope will take some time to beat! Participating children will be given free admission.

Join the fun!