Day 9 – Redevelopment

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Day 9 at Rocks by Rails

Last weekend saw more activity in the loco yard as the final clay material was removed from under the track beds and sub-base fill materials were brought in to replace them.

The area was originally laid on a clay base with insufficient fill material suitable for storage and maintenance of locomotives.

Following leading practice, we have excavated to around three feet depth over the whole site, have laid in surface drainage and then have backfilled with limestone rubble. This has been compacted and then a blinding layer has been laid up to track bed and ballast level.

By using modern mechanical equipment it has been possible to complete the job to a standard which we could not have hoped to achieve any other way.

Our latest photo looking north across the loco yard shows the inspection pit base and the track bed formations at sub-base level and before the blinding layers are added.

We hope to complete this phase in the next working day.