Day 8 – Redevelopment 2013

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Day 7 at Rocks by Rails

It seems barely credible but the day saw concrete poured to form the base of the inspection pit.

In a well scripted series of operations, the initial site works included the crucial drainage pipes from the inspection pit to the main drains with provision for an oil interceptor. In addition the team were able to install a large concrete sectional pipe in the drainage stream to the rear of the site to create a safe walking route around all three of the loco roads, never before possible. This area will not be developed but will allow the lighting columns to be installed in the current phase of work.

The main achievement of the day was the pouring of the base slab of the new inspection pit – which will have a depth of around one metre below rail height. The natural falling gradient in the yard at this point is being compensated to give a level and safe working area. The picture reveals the preservation era fill on this part of the site and the natural clay through which the excavations took place.

It is intended to start block laying in a weeks’ time and already our expert mason is ready to make a good start.