OMG – Three days to GO!

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As you can imagine, your hard working Secretary/General Manager/gopher(!) is starting to get slightly worked up about the remaining jobs needed to deliver the Museum as a presentable and complete visitor experience!

With three days to go, we have been contacting a whole range of supporters, local businesses, experts and volunteers in a week which has come close to the ‘Challenge Anneka’ episodes well remembered from my youth!

While the daily volunteer briefing outlines  a hit list of jobs that must be completed, it has been noticeable that we tend to start each day with about a dozen items, replaced the next day with another 12!

One volunteer saw that the presentation of the Exton Park type Yorkshire Engine Company locomotive 2521 required a little attention – a job added to the list during the day, but with a little cooperation from the rest of the team, completed before the end of the working session. Now relocated to the most prominent location in the loco exhibit yard, visitors will now see a loco in tip-top condition!

We have come across some real stars from the local community though, whether helping us deliver invites to the local villages, our regular mini-digger driver or the catering expert found at the last moment, all willing to lend a hand.

So, with three days to go, it looks as if the team will complete their ‘to-do’ list but so long as we don’t find too many more jobs to do!