Exhibit Returns to Work!

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On Tuesday 3rd July 2012 locomotive Andrew Barclay 499 left the Museum to return to work in industry!

The Heritage movement is used to housing exhibits as they retire from work so the Museum was extremely pleased to assist W H Davis Ltd, railway wagon manufacturers based at Langwith Junction, Mansfield when their regular works shunter broke down recently.

The locomotive was serviced and brought back into traffic at short notice to assess its suitability for the intended use at the factory which is engaged in building the large 60 foot long modern designs of wagon regularly seen on Network Rail these days.

The trials proved very satisfactory and the locomotive has left the Museum 25 years after being preserved for a second lease of work in the care of a very careful and interested new owner. The Charity is very proud to have assisted the company solve their locomotive problem and hope to build ongoing links to a thriving but increasingly rare British engineering busines