A Railway Emerges

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As the spring sunshine gives way to summer weather, our railway system starts to emerge for the months of building and heavy work.

In the last month, the track under the concrete loading dock has been relayed including a staff and loader crossing, a catch point and the curve to connect with the passenger line emerging from the new platform in the central area.

The line is now capable of light movements but as the track settles, will require packing and levelling before service trains can restart.

The emphasis will start to shift towards the visitor facilities with a large patio area and concrete paths due to be constructed in the next weeks. Our fencing and gates will complete the facilities to deliver a safe and welcoming environment for our guests.

The track team have completed a huge amount of work this winter and they are due our thanks for the effort which has continued through the worst months of the year. It is also testament to the support and assistance of our sponsors and those who have made donations to assist with the work.