Drains and Foundations

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The railway trackwork needs good drainage and the team made sure that the new platform track bed included a deep lateral drain running to the existing drainage system. Using protective matting under a layer of limestone hard core, the required substrata were gradually installed.

Once in position and connected to the existing manhole, the limestone backfilling was installed ready for granite track ballast to be laid. This lies directly under the track sleepers to a specified depth but against some very careful work with the loader to ensure that the eventual track level will allow the train step height to match the platform level.

The regular team was joined by members of Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust who were assisted with the sponsored support of Ready Power and one of their road rail excavators. Local quarry operator Mick George donated over 100 tons of limestone rubble to assist the project.

We thank all of our supporters for assisting with this vital part of the project most of which will be invisible to visitors when finished.