Welcome to an outdoor adventure, cast in an ironstone quarry. Covering 19 acres of reclaimed quarry, railway tracks and nature trails, Rocks by Rail is a journey back in time.

It’s an unmissable opportunity to experience an awesome industrial landscape. Explore fascinating nature trails. Take a train trip. Drive a classic loco. Tour the workshop and exhibition centre. View the ironstone exhibition and learn about its importance throughout history. Then sit back with a cuppa in a 1960s style café.

Rocks By Rail is a big value day out. Whether you’re a family seeking informative fun, a rail and digger enthusiast, or a teacher looking for ways to bring lessons to life – you’ll find the living ironstone museum so involving you’ll wonder where the hours went!

Ride the rails on a choice of classic working quarry trains through our driver experience days, or even drive the loco yourself. For full information on 'running days' and arranging a driving session.
How many different woodland creatures, birds, insects, trees and plants will you see as you follow the twisting trails - complete with picnic tables – through natural, countryside and leading to the Oakham Canal.
See famous locos undergoing careful restoration and repair work. Watch skilled engineers work on the famous 1883 Hunslet and the 1927 Pecket 'Elizabeth' amongst others.
Enter paradise for loco enthusiasts. Over 20 historic steam and diesel locos in varying stages of restoration. Watch our operational loco's depart for duty.
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