A Walk Back Through Time At Barrington Cement Works

As many of our visitors will know, Barrington Cement Works and Rocks By Rail have strong ties, hence the museum is proud to house two Thomas Hill locomotives and several wagons which once worked at the Cambridgeshire plant.

SAM_0789Many of you will have noticed that one of the Thomas Hill locomotives is named ‘Mr.D’, and can often be seen on running days working our quarry section – Fitting really as this loco worked the last quarry train in the UK, and bears a plaque to commemorate this.

Well, the real life Mr.D, that’s Mr John Drayton MBE, has now produced a DVD chronicling the development of the works and how the quarry and the railway that served it operated. Throughout the DVD the viewer is treated to many interesting and amusing anecdotes from Johns career which spanned 44years!

The DVD includes talks on the geology of the site, and the archaeological remains found in the workings. There is lots of railway footage, both steam and diesel – and indeed features locomotives provided by Rocks By Rail, which can be seen working alongside the electrically operated drag line and face shovel. Also featured are the plants washmills, the kiln, the control room, and silos.

This is a story that really only this one man can tell, and tell it he does, in his own style.

Rocks By Rail is pleased to offer this DVD for sale at £9.99 – available through our Sundew Café, or contact us through one of the means on the contact page of this website.

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